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World Wide Mattress Outlet


Worldwide Mattress Outlet started out in 1981 in Windsor Ontario selling mattresses, waterbeds and waterbed products. From there we grew as a company across North America opening high-end retail locations and serving the public needs through the best customer service in the industry.

That’s when it hit us

High overhead means high operating costs which leads to a higher price for you, the consumer. So, we scaled it back. We shut down our high cost operating stores and brought business back down to the basics. Instead of opening high end, fancy retail stores in high-end locations, we opened clean, operational warehouses and starting chopping our overhead costs and cutting our prices to match.

What this means for you is that instead of covering costs for fancy rent, expensive shipping, high store costs, and other expenses, you pay the bottom line. No thrills, just premium mattresses at wholesale commercial prices!

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